Self Portrait in Bad Taste–Bunny Mask
76.5 x 49.75 in
Acrylic on paper
Drawing Final: Response to my Mother
The floor plan of the house that my mother designed for us over and over again drawn from memory. A memorial to my mother and the house that we finally renovated and then had to sell. 

acrylic, pencil, acrylic varnish, canvas, fabric, tracing paper, paper, on masonite board 
60" x 36"
Paintings from my final project 
above: oil on masonite 48" x 48"
oil on canvas 36" x 48" 
oil on canvas 24" x 36"
oil on canvas 24" x 36"
selection of artist copies from mid term (click to enlarge)
top left: My Parents by David Hockney 1977 (9" x 12" oil on wood) 
middle: Paddy Flannigan by George Bellows 1908 (9" x 12" oil on wood) 
top right: Mrs. Waldorf Astor (Nancy Langhorne) by John Singer Sargent 1909 (9" x 12" oil on wood)
bottom left: Witches' Sabbath by Goya 1798 (9" x 12" oil on masonite) 
middle: Madonna del Popolo by Federico Barocci 1575-79 (9" x 12" oil on masonite) bottom right: Beautiful Girl Laying Down by Euan Uglow 1955 (9" x 12" oil on masonite)
18" x 24" oil on canvas
images from my final crit
other artist copies bottom row second image in:
The Road by Phillip Guston 1972
Mountaineers Attacked by Bears by Henri Victor Gabriel Le Fauconnier 1910-1912
Underground Assignment
Response to Unarius Academy of Science and Ruth Norman 
October 2017
pencil acrylic, acrylic varnish, and medium, on cardboard
lights and plastic roses
each 24" x 48"
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