River Painting, acrylic, 22 x 30" on paper. 
Cityscape: Providence , acrylic on paper, 22 x 30"
Cut out animation using old 70's Playboys for my stop motion Design final.
Fall Semester Design 
This is a collection of my work from my fall design class with Shawn Greenlee. The first pieces were part of our first unit using iteration and topography. We started with collages and then made a piece with ink on Tyvek. The second project shown here is my final. The text is my instructions for making the paintings at the bottom. These pieces were primarily inspired by Anni Albers' work and Gillian Wise's painting. The pieces I was unable to include were sound pieces and some pieces made using the software NodeBox. 
For my final pieces, below, I only used Instructions 2 because I wanted to see what kind of variation I could get by following the same directions multiple times. I also made 1 smaller test painting for each of the instructions. 
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