I am Abbi Kenny a young painter splitting my time between Providence, RI and the suburbs of Boston, MA. I am currently an undergraduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design studying painting and art history. My work is primarily oil painting, but I have also been exploring acrylic and mixed media painting. My work primarily focuses on things that are familiar to me such as homes, interiors, and people. I often use myself as a model for my work or people who are close to me. In many of my paintings I seek to show moments of touch and closeness. Recently, I have been looking at artists such as Patrick Caulfield, Peter Halley, and Mark Rothko, as well as a variety of contemporary figurative artists. I am also passionate about textiles and embroidery and have been exploring ways to integrate these into my painting process.

Links to upcoming shows
PLACE(HOLDER) - Cambridge MA
ARTcetera - Boston MA
Photo courtesy of Sarah Sieber
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